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SuiteCRM versus Microsoft Dynamics

Open Source SuiteCRM versus the restrictive programming Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics Analysis

Elements CRM is a costly portfolio result of Microsoft's Dynamics 365, an electronic group of incorporated Microsoft items including CRM, Skype, Outlook, Dynamics ERP, Azure, Office and Power BI. 

Numerous industry experts trust that Dynamics 365 speaks to Microsoft's push to wind up a prevailing player in both the CRM and ERP spaces. Numerous likewise trust this is an arrival to the solid CRM/ERP results of the 1990's and mid 2000's. Generally these were lumbering, intricate, inelegant, difficult to utilize, hard to adjust and exceptionally costly. All of these applications stopped to exist with the appearance of online and deft CRM and ERP uses of late years, leaving their clients in the harsh elements. 

With Dynamics 365, Microsoft is restoring 1990's processing. As a result, merchant secure, many-sided quality and spiraling expenses are emerge notices for the unwary.

Microsoft Dynamics

Expanded Costs 

The Microsoft Dynamics stage includes an arrangement of reliant and coordinated segments. In a perfect world, Microsoft needs clients to require however many of these parts as could be expected under the circumstances. Beginning with the best of expectations and at a low(ish) cost, with Dynamics CRM you'll rapidly chance upon regions that require an extra part (detailing and capacity for example). 

Microsoft will be glad to give this, however at extra cost. Quickly you can keep running up to a $200 per client for each month CRM cost, for usefulness that is likewise offered by SuiteCRM as standard.


Reduced Costs

Is it accurate to say that you are now running Dynamics CRM? Don't sweat it. We can relocate it to SuiteCRM, where you can appreciate every one of the flexibilities of open source, while keeping a similar usefulness and sparing a considerable measure of cash.


  • Progression accompanies strict capacity limits. Extra stockpiling accompanies extra cost.
  • You have no immediate database get to. Basically, you can't get deeply of the framework on the off chance that you needed to roll out your own improvements. 
  • Quiet updates – you don't control these. Microsoft does them and clients are not advised. That could (and does) break things. 
  • Inquiries regarding adaptability. Microsoft is best for little to medium client numbers. 
  • Licenses – the more you have to utilize it, the more costly it progresses toward becoming.


  • SuiteCRM comes finish with all the source code. Roll out the improvements that you require straightforwardly on the center code. This makes it unimaginably adaptable, likely the most adaptable CRM accessible.
  • There are no information stockpiling limits with SuiteCRM.
  • SuiteCRM scales to a huge number of clients.
  • You control if and when redesigns are connected.
  • Scale client numbers without purchasing extra licenses.


Feature  Microsoft Dynamics  SuiteCRM 
 Open source  No  Yes
 Accounts  Ok  Ok
 Contacts  Ok  Ok
 Leads  Ok  Ok
 Opportunities  Ok  Ok
 Quotes  Ok  Ok
 Calendar  Ok  Ok
 Cases  Ok  Ok
 Documents  Ok  Ok
 Emails  Ok  Ok
 Campaigns  Ok  Ok
 Calls  Ok  Ok
 Meetings  Ok  Ok
 Tasks  Ok  Ok
 Notes  Ok  Ok
 Products  Ok  Ok
 Product Categories  Ok  Ok
 Contracts  Ok  Ok
 Knowledge Base  Ok  Ok
 Report Generator  Ok  Ok
 Mobile  Ok  Ok
 Outlook integration  Ok  Ok
 Workflow  Ok  Ok
 Projects    Ok
 Invoices  Ok  Ok
 Events    Ok
 Maps    Ok
 Thunderbird Plugin    Ok
 Portal  Ok  Ok

 £148,000 (for

100 Microsoft

Dynamics Enterprise

users for 1 year)

 Free (for unlimited

number of SuiteCRM


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