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SuiteCRM versus Salesforce

Open Source SuiteCRM versus the exclusive programming Salesforce

Salesforce Analysis

Salesforce would be an alluring suggestion on the off chance that they decreased their charges by 70%. 


Salesforce looks decent. Like all product, it has things it's great at and things that leave something to be desired. We'll investigate those later. 


We do numerous Salesforce to SuiteCRM movements. All around, the essential reason is the cost of Salesforce. Clients move to SuiteCRM on the grounds that they can do all that they have to do utilizing SuiteCRM yet at massively (around 80%) lessened cost. 


On the off chance that Salesforce has a concealed mystery, it's that it's a commoditised business application. They have no enchantment fixings. Salesforce does what Dynamics does practically. SuiteCRM does what Salesforce does practically. We as a whole realize what major CRM applications should do and we've composed the product for it. That incorporates SuiteCRM. None of the real players in this market is extraordinarily unique as far as item works. 


What makes Salesforce extraordinary and what you are paying for, is the nature of their deals and promoting machine. In an industry where the normal programming merchant burns through 10-15% of income on deals and advertising, Salesforce spends an astounding five to six times more!! A large portion of the cash you pay Salesforce isn't for programming. You're not paying for innovative work and you're not paying for benefit. You're for the most part paying for the machine that offers the product. The considerable publicizing efforts and the deals and advertising groups that are among the most profoundly compensated in the business.


Expanded Costs 


Everybody recognizes that Salesforce is exceptionally costly. It's the greatest issue that clients have with Salesforce. 


The Salesforce plan of action is predicated on up-offering. The stories of clients beginning on low-value designs and closure with many dollars a month for each client are army. 


They do this by profoundly obliging the highlights and use of their "esteem" versions. "Esteem" versions have confines on the quantity of procedures, record writes, profiles, and part consent sets. They have no entrance to the API so no mix is conceivable. 


Staggeringly, something as pivotal as Workflow Automation is viewed as an Enterprise Edition highlight. Hardly any significant CRM applications convey an incentive without mechanization. 


Everything is intended to drive clients to the eye-wateringly costly Enterprise and Ultimate Editions.


Brought down Costs 


In the event that like a large number of our clients you're sick of going through regularly expanding sums with Salesforce, the immense news is that relocating to SuiteCRM changes everything. 


Initially, the Return on Investment of the cost of a movement can more often than not be estimated in 3-6 months. 


Furthermore, the continuous costs (Support and customisations) can normally be decreased by around 80%. 


Last, and not minimum – your clients won't take note. They will have a CRM application that does what they require it to do in a fundamentally the same as design to Salesforce. 


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  • Work process just accessible on premium adaptations
  • Programming interface just accessible on premium variants
  • Cutoff points on capacity, procedures and parts
  • No SLA for Support
  • No on-introduce alternative
  • No entrance to database or code


  • Work process Automation as standard
  • Over the top access to API
  • No restrictions aside from your creative ability
  • Bolster SLA with 99%+ consistence
  • On-commence or in the cloud
  • Finish access to code and database


Feature  SalesForce Lightning Ent  SuiteCRM 
 Open source  No  Yes
 Accounts  Ok  Ok
 Contacts  Ok  Ok
 Leads  Ok  Ok
 Opportunities  Ok  Ok
 Quotes  Ok  Ok
 Calendar  Ok  Ok
 Cases  Ok  Ok
 Documents  Ok  Ok
 Emails  Ok  Ok
 Campaigns  Ok  Ok
 Calls  Ok  Ok
 Meetings  Ok  Ok
 Tasks  Ok  Ok
 Notes  Ok  Ok
 Products  Ok  Ok
 Product Categories  Ok  Ok
 Contracts  Ok  Ok
 Knowledge Base  Ok  Ok
 Report Generator  Ok  Ok
 Mobile  Ok  Ok
 Outlook integration  Ok  Ok
 Workflow  Ok  Ok
 Projects    Ok
 Invoices    Ok
 Events    Ok
 Maps    Ok
 Portal    Ok

 £144,000 (for

100 Salesforce

Lightning Enterprise

users for 1 year)

 Free (for unlimited

number of SuiteCRM


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