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Odoo Fleet

Deal with your vehicles, contracts, costs, protections and assignments without torment.

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Armada administration made simple

You won't require any specific following framework for organization vehicles - with Odoo's brilliant application, can watch out for your armada in a couple of basic snaps. Oversee everything through our easy to understand regulatory framework - fuel log passages, costs and numerous different highlights important for the administration of your organization's vehicles.

Oversee renting and every other contract

Manage all agreements for your vehicles and get a notice email when contracts achieve their termination date. A few visual instruments are set up to guarantee that you'll make sure to restore (or end) your agreement. Sort out the administrations around the vehicles and speak with the qualified specialist co-ops; oversee solicitations and notes. Set up a vehicle arrangement inside your organization, and also a protection strategy keeping in mind the end goal to deal with your armada in the most productive way.

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Screen all expenses without a moment's delay

Recognize and follow the cash spent by your organization for every one of the armada vehicles. Repeating expenses of your agreements, for example, renting and administrations contracts are naturally added to your bookkeeping toward the start of every time of the recurrence indicated in the agreements, while every other cost like fuel and repairs are consequently added to your report.

Examination and detailing

Demonstrate all expenses related with a given vehicle or with a sort of administration. Analyze distinctive sorts of costs (which vehicles cost the most; which administrations have been performed on which vehicles; and so on) by utilizing the announcing device. Get extremely accommodating experiences about the powerful return of every vehicle with a specific end goal to enhance your armada ventures.

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