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Oversee vehicles

Top to bottom portrayals

Determine brand and model, enlistment number, body number, number of entryways and seats, shading, and so forth to effectively distinguish every vehicle of your armada. 

Renting contracts 

Indicate contract begin and expiry dates, initiation and repeating expenses, and status of the agreement. 

Monitor mileage 

Report odometer readings to monitor the vehicle's mileage and estimate administration and repairs. 

Screen fuel utilization 

Record each refill for every auto to screen fuel utilization, or connection every vehicle to a particular fuel card to consequently record exchanges. 

Vehicle support 

Have a step by step follow up of all vehicles upkeep needs, to estimate administrations and monitor repairs. 

Review via auto 

Get a reasonable perspective of the considerable number of expenses for every vehicle. 


Make a few statuses to get an unmistakable perspective of vehicles requested, vehicles in your stop, vehicles you don't possess any longer, and so forth.

Detailing and investigation
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