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The 3 prescribed kind of standardized identification scanners to work with the Odoo Inventory and Barcode Scanning applications are the USB scanner, the Bluetooth scanner and the Mobile Computer scanner.

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USB Scanner

On the off chance that you filter items at a PC area, the USB scanner is the approach. Essentially connect it to the PC to begin filtering. 

Pick a USB standardized tag scanner on the off chance that you intend to check items at the PC station.

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Bluetooth Scanner

The bluetooth scanner can be combined with a cell phone or a tablet and is a decent decision in the event that you need to be versatile yet needn't bother with a major speculation. 

Bluetooth associations are appropriate for most extreme 30 feet (10 meters) so you should examine items close-by the PC station.

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Portable Computer Scanner

For overwhelming utilize, the portable PC scanner is the handiest arrangement. It comprises in a little PC with an inherent standardized identification scanner. 

This one can end up being an exceptionally gainful arrangement. Pull out all the stops on the off chance that you need to filter items at various areas.

Portable Scanners

The latest models utilizing Android + Google Chrome or Windows + Internet Explorer Mobile ought to carry out the activity. 

Because of the assortment of models and designs available, it is fundamental to test it first. 

In any case, we prescribe the Zebra product offering and all the more correctly the TC55 and the TC70/TC75.

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Odoo underpins most USB and Bluetooth standardized tag scanners (as they all copy a console). Simply ensure when you get it that the scanner is perfect with your console design or can be arranged to be so. We've tried a couple of gadgets for you: 

  • Inateck BCST-10 : Remote and USB, laser, discerning decision, about $70 
  • Motorola DS4208-SR : USB just, omni-directional, rough plan, about $250 
  • Motorola CS3000 : Minimal remote, about $250 
  • Honeywell Eclipse 5145 : USB just, simple to setup and to use, about $100
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Name Printers

To print names from delivery organizations, you will require a good printer. We suggest the model Zebra GC420d. 

This printer had been tried on most mark positions (PDF, PNG, ZPL) for all bearers we bolster (UPS, Fedex, USPS...)

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