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3 approaches to set-up your shop.

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Work area PC and Laptop

Running your shop in your program on your PC or Laptop is the least expensive and most adaptable alternative. Usb standardized tag scanners are locally upheld. Receipts can be imprinted on any warm or inkjet printer perfect with your web program. 

Additional equipment, for example, measuring scales or ESC/POS printers can be utilized with the PosBox.

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Tablet (iOS and Android)

Tablets take significantly less space, their touchscreens are a delight to utilize. What's more, they are sufficiently light to be unreservedly moved around your shop. Or on the other hand you can place them in a decent stand and secure them on your front work area. 

Of all stands and tablets we suggest the iPad Air 2 and the Heckler Design Windfall Stand.

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Modern Touchscreen

Difficult to break and take, modern touchscreens are the ideal answer for shops and eateries with a high volume of staff and clients. Odoo POS on mechanical touchscreens is perfect with an indistinguishable peripherals from Laptops and PCs.


The cross-stage equipment arrangement. 

What is the PosBox? 

The PosBox is a little gadget that enables you to utilize a similar industry standard USB POS peripherals on each gadget (PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android ). Not exclusively does it makes the setup simpler, it really brings down your expenses. 

Simple to setup 

Attachment your peripherals to the PosBox, interface it to your neighborhood system, and you are finished. Restart your Odoo POS, and your peripherals are prepared to utilize. 

Open source equipment 

The PosBox depends on the Raspberry-Pi stage and is made of Open Source Software and Hardware. You can get it from us, or you can manufacture your own. 

Lower your expenses 

The drawback of iPads and Android tablets as POS gadget is that lacking USB associations, you have to purchase particular Apple-confirmed bluetooth peripherals. Those are significantly more costly than their industry-standard USB comparable. By giving you a chance to utilize those more affordable peripherals with a Tablet, your expenses are significantly diminished.

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Standardized tag Scanners

Odoo POS will work with most USB Barcode Scanners, associated with the PosBox or straightforwardly on your PC. 

Bluetooth standardized tag scanners and system receipt printers are bolstered locally, USB standardized tag scanners, printers, and so on are upheld with the PosBox. 

Of all perfect standardized tag scanners, we prescribe the Honeywell Eclipse product offering. They are perfect out of the crate with the PosBox. On the off chance that you interface them specifically to your PC they should be designed to utilize your pc console format.

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Measuring Scale

The PosBox empowers Odoo POS to coordinate with electronic scales. The item weight is perused continuously from the scale to your purpose of offer. The PosBox empowers Odoo POS to coordinate with electronic scales. The item weight is perused continuously from the scale to your purpose of offer. 

The PosBox locally bolsters the Mettler Toledo Ariva item family. 

The ADAM Equipment AZExtra family is additionally bolstered (as of v15). 

Support for different models can be included a case-by-case premise.

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Money Registers

Odoo POS can work any EPSON perfect money enlist. Money registers can be opened physically with a key or remotely by Odoo POS. 

A PosBox and a PosBox perfect warm printer is required to work the money enroll.

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Receipt Printers

With the PosBox 

The PosBox is good with well known warm printers, for example, the EPSON TM-T20, the EPSON TM-T70, the EPSON TM-T88 and the Star TSP650II. 
Different printers that help the ESC/POS convention locally (not through programming imitating) will regularly be bolstered as well. 
Support for different printers can be included a case by case premise. 

On PC 

Odoo POS can print on any web-program perfect printer. This incorporates most inkjet, laser and warm printers, associated by USB or through system. We prescribe utilizing the PosBox for less demanding setup and quicker printing.

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Card Readers

The PosBox bolsters the Magtek Dynamag, a USB magstripe card peruser for vendors that need both security and usability. Just card perusers encoded by Vantiv will work with Odoo POS.

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Installment Processing

Get quick, dependable, and secure installment preparing with MercuryPay, a Vantiv item, for your Odoo POS, Odoo portable application, and site in U.S. what's more, Canada. 

Appreciate dependable uptime, constant exchange seeing, following day subsidizing ability and limited time installment alternatives.

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